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Perhaps in no other area of law does a businessman in the construction industry need a more sound understanding of the law than in the lien laws. The construction lien laws of Florida were actually created to help contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and laborers get paid when the world is not perfect and checks are not as readily forthcoming as they should be. The problem is that these laws are confusing, unforgiving, and even the simplest of mistakes can cost you everything. If you have ever been so deranged as to try to read the lien laws on your own, you will know that they will never be regarded as a model of clarity, either in terms of organization or in terms of their literary simplicity. These problems are compounded by appellate court decisions which have an Alice In Wonderland character to them, where “shall ” means “may” and “may” means “shall.”

The lawyers of Deeb, are among a handful of lawyers in Florida recognized as expert in the field of construction law, and particularly in construction lien law. In an area of law as technically complicated as construction law, you need and deserve the best.

We are staunch advocates of preventative legal medicine, and no where as much as with respect to lien laws. Your best protection against economic disaster is knowing what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. If you are willing to learn, we are here to teach you what you need to know to safely and properly administer the basic steps yourself. We teach you when and how to do notices to owner. We teach you when and how to do construction liens, and what you can and cannot include in your construction lien. We teach you when and whether to sign a release of lien. We teach you when and how to do final contractor affidavits. Of course, we are also pleased to handle these functions for you if this makes you more comfortable.

Anyone who has spent anytime in the construction industry, however, knows that litigation is inevitable. Allow the lawyers of Deeb, to put their resources of experience and expertise to work for you. We have prosecuted and defended innumerable construction lien foreclosure lawsuits. We have represented developers, contractors, and landowners in construction defect lawsuits. We have regularly handle lawsuits involving disputes over change orders, proper payment defenses, pay when paid clauses, notice issues, payment and performance bond issues, wrongful terminations, and virtually other technicality that exists in the lien law and issue that arises in the course of a construction project.

We also represent contractors in administrative proceedings involving licensure. If and when you suffer the prospect of professional discipline, we have the experience and expertise to help you defend yourself before the licensing authorities.

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Despite a broad range of experience in administrative, transactional, and counseling matters, the lawyers of Deeb, are first and foremost trial attorneys. We have extensive trial experience in virtually every area of law that might impact your business, your family, and your personal affairs.

Because we believe so strongly in the preventative practice of legal medicine, we urge all our clients to contact us the moment they think any situation might one day be a legal problem, however remote the chances might be. The way people have traditionally engaged lawyers only after the problem has mushroomed into a catastrophic affair leaves the lawyer with nothing to do but try to work with facts that have already been cast in stone. On the other hand, when you call at the outset of a problem, we can draw on our experience and guide your decisions and actions so that we essentially help you develop the facts while they are still moldable, allowing us to have a hand in building your case before it ever becomes case. It has been our distinct experience that this very often prevents something from ever becoming a lawsuit because we have strategically made certain that your case is as strong as possible, leaving your opponent going from lawyer to lawyer looking for someone willing to fight an uphill battle.

Sadly, we are not always able to help build your case. Rest assured that we are effective trial lawyers on your behalf even when we have no hand in developing the facts. We have individually and collectively tried hundreds of cases, and are proud to report that we have seldom lost. While we cannot and will not guarantee you victory, we do guaranty you have our utmost effort on your behalf. We believe in aggressive but ethical discovery through which we learn every strength and weakness of your case as well as your opponent’s. If settlement is advisable, we settle from a position of preparation and strength rather than ignorance and weakness. If settlement is unwarranted, then we proudly stand beside you in court and aggressively present your case to the judge or jury. We keep you apprised on a “when we know-you know” basis, so that you do not have to worry about what is going on in your case.

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No part of today’s business landscape is as treacherous as the myriad of federal and state laws controlling your relationship with your employees. How you hire, manage, discipline, reward, compensate, and fire employees is governed by varying laws many of which frequently seem to conflict with each other. The lawyers of Deeb, can help you negotiate your way through the dangerous waters of complying with these laws. We have represented businesses faced with claims arising under the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, COBRA, Title VII discrimination laws, wrongful discharge, Equal Employment Opportunity, ERISA, employee handbooks, and a host of other federal and state laws.

Consistent with our central philosophy of practicing preventative legal medicine, we welcome your involving us to review your employment handbooks, employment applications, personnel action forms, and termination checklists. We are pleased to review your actual procedures as well to ensure compliance with the tangled web of laws with which you must comply. We also gladly help you draft and create any documents you use in your human resources undertakings.

Of course, as experienced trial attorneys we also know that the most careful of planning will not keep all disgruntled employees or former employees out of the office of some enterprising lawyer looking to make a name or a fee. Many businesses are tempted to represent themselves during the administrative phase of labor law disputes and we cannot urge you strongly enough to not give into this temptation. Let us help. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to maximize your chances of avoiding the unjust claims and the wisdom to negotiate a fair resolution of claims you would like to do over again.

We have considerable experience in the drafting and enforcement of covenants of non-competition, secrecy and loyalty agreements, and employment contracts in general. We understand and keep constantly in touch with the ever-changing complexion of the laws designed to protect you from the treachery of former employees.

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“Real estate and land use law.” Six words that cover a lot of territory, if you will excuse the pun. Lawyers tend to view real estate law in “transactional” and “litigation” terms. “Transactional” real estate law involves the negotiation and preparation of contracts involving real estate. “Litigation” real estate law, as you have probably guessed, involves lawsuits over real estate contracts. The lawyers of Deeb, have years of experience in both the transactional and litigation aspects of real estate and land use law, and we are pleased to offer our services to you.

Business supply stores, computer software packages, innumerable Internet sites, and industry form banks offer you a dizzying array of fill-in-the-blank contracts and legal forms. Even the Florida Bar and Florida Association of Realtors have joined forces and produced what is commonly known as the “FAR-BAR” contract for use in residential real estate transactions. With all this available, why complicate things by hiring a lawyer? The answer is found in the countless lawsuits filed every year that result from the ill-advised use of contracts that were not tailored, or even reviewed, by a lawyer before the parties affixed their signatures and thereby irrevocably committed themselves to a contractual undertaking they did not truly understand. If someone put a do-it-yourself appendectomy kit on the market, would you trust yourself to take out your own appendix? If so, a lawyer is the least of what you need. If, however, you are among the overwhelming majority of people who would prefer to let some with experience and expertise perform the operation, then give careful consideration to why you would consider doing a contract yourself. We at Deeb, have negotiated countless residential and commercial real estate contracts and drafted those contracts for both buyer and seller. We have also prepared innumerable residential and commercial leases for both landlord and tenant. Each contract is tailored to your individual needs, helping to ensure that you will not face that gut-wrenching revelation that the $25.00 contract you downloaded off the Internet cost you $25,000 because of a clause you failed to notice or understand. The expense of involving us at the front end of a transaction is always significantly less than involving us only after an irreversible course of litigation has been charted for you by a contract you should never have used or signed.

Of course, our first opportunity to help a client very often comes because they used a contract they should not have used. Be assured, we can help even then. We have represented buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in cases from the simple eviction or earnest money deposit recovery to extremely complicated cases involving fraud, contract interpretation, and performance issues. We are pleased to do so for you.

It has been said that the three most important features of real estate are location, location, and location. The only problem is that in these days of urban planning your location, location, location may not permit your use, your use, your use. We at Deeb, have represented landowners before every local governmental agency on matters involving land use. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to handle your land use planning challenges. Challenge us with your problems.

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The lawyers of Deeb, have served the needs of businesses throughout this community for years. We are proud to offer what we believe to be a comprehensive representation of your business needs.

We represent businesses from inception. We help you decide whether you should be a corporation, a partnership, or any one of the many other forms of business available today. Sometimes these decisions are made for tax reasons, sometimes for liability reasons. Regardless, we are here to make sure that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each so that together we can make the best decision for your plans, aspirations, and dreams.

Once the decision of business form is made, we create the business for you. We do more than simply file your Articles of Incorporation for you. We also prepare your organizational minutes, issue your stock, and prepare any necessary corporate resolutions so that you may immediately begin conducting business. We prepare any contracts your business might need, as well as review contracts into which your business may enter for equipment, physical space, inventory, employees, and the like.

Thereafter, we are available to help you practice preventative legal medicine. If you ask, we will prepare your annual minutes and documents to ensure that you observe the business form the way the law requires you to do. For example, the protection your personal assets have from corporate obligations exists only if the corporation is truly treated like a corporation. It is not enough to create the corporation and then file the corporate books away and forget about the formalities of being a corporation. Instead, you must hold annual meetings, maintain your corporate books, and conduct your corporate business just as the multi-billion dollar per year corporations are conducted.

We prepare stockholder agreements to ensure that your business does not become paralyzed by a dispute among stockholders. We prepare employment contracts and covenants of non-competition to ensure that your officers and key personnel do not later catapult your business into chaos by jumping to the competition and compromising what you have worked so hard to achieve. We help you learn how to hire, manage, compensate, discipline, and fire your employees within the boundaries of the law. We help you know whether or not you need insurance and if so what you need. Anytime you have a question about anything, we are there to help. Challenge us to do so.

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The law firm of Deeb Law Group, P.A. also offers a myriad of services to the aviation industry and to pilots. Our services include disciplinary matters before the Federal Aviation Administration as well as a wide range of services to pilots and fixed base operations at public and private airports.

Aviation matters are handled by Brian P. Deeb, a licensed private pilot, with an instrument and multi-engine rating, who deals both with aviation corporate issues as well as litigation regarding, accidents, repairs, FAR Standards and related aviation matters.

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Deeb is proud to have represented artists, promoters and talent agents in various aspects of the entertainment industry including music and television. Mr. Deeb is President and founder of Limelight Studios which has recorded many local, regional and national artists since 2002. Services related to contracts litigation, negotiation and general representation are provided by Mr. Deeb on an hourly or percentage basis.

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