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Representing Companies Throughout The Business Lifecycle

The lawyers at Deeb Law Group have served the needs of businesses in our community for years. We are proud to offer what we believe to be a comprehensive representation of your business needs.

We represent businesses from inception. We help you decide whether you should be a corporation, a partnership, or any one of the many other forms of business available today. Sometimes these decisions are made for tax reasons, sometimes for liability reasons. Regardless, we are here to make sure that you know the advantages and disadvantages of each so that together we can make the best decision for your plans, aspirations, and dreams.

Helping Startups Build Their Companies

Once you decide on an organizational structure for your business, we help you create your company. We do more than simply file Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization for you. We also prepare your organizational minutes, issue your stock or membership certificate and prepare any necessary corporate resolutions so that you may immediately begin conducting business. We prepare any contracts your business might need, as well as review contracts into which your business may enter for equipment, physical space, inventory, employees and the like.

Counseling Established Businesses On Operations And Compliance

For established businesses, we are available to help you practice preventative legal medicine. If you ask, we will prepare your annual minutes and documents to ensure that you observe the business form the way the law requires you to do. For example, the protection your personal assets have from corporate obligations exists only if the corporation is truly treated like a corporation. It is not enough to create the corporation and then file the corporate books away and forget about the formalities of being a corporation. Instead, you must hold annual meetings, maintain your corporate books, and conduct your corporate business just as the multibillion-dollar per year corporations are conducted.

We prepare stockholder agreements or Operating Agreements to ensure that your business does not become paralyzed by a dispute among stockholders or members. We prepare employment contracts and covenants of noncompetition to ensure that your officers and key personnel do not later catapult your business into chaos by jumping to the competition and compromising what you have worked so hard to achieve. We help you learn how to hire, manage, compensate, discipline and fire your employees within the boundaries of the law. We help you know whether or not you need insurance and if so what you need. Anytime you have a question about anything, we are there to help. Challenge us to do so.

Contact The Business Law Attorneys At Deeb Law Group, P.A.

For guidance on establishing a new business or counsel on contracts and daily operations for established businesses, call us at 727-384-5999 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to working with you to help make your organization thrive.