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Trial Attorneys Representing Businesses And Individuals In A Range Of Legal Areas

Despite a broad range of experience in administrative, transactional, and counseling matters, the lawyers at Deeb Law Group are first and foremost trial attorneys. We have extensive trial experience in virtually every area of law that might impact your business, your family and your personal affairs.

Because we believe so strongly in the preventative practice of legal medicine, we urge all our clients to contact us the moment they think any situation might one day be a legal problem, however remote the chances might be. The way people have traditionally engaged lawyers only after the problem has mushroomed into a catastrophic affair leaves the lawyer with nothing to do but try to work with facts that have already been cast in stone.

On the other hand, when you call at the outset of a problem, we can draw on our experience and guide your decisions and actions so that we essentially help you develop the facts while they are still moldable, allowing us to have a hand in building your case before it ever becomes a case. It has been our distinct experience that this very often prevents something from ever becoming a lawsuit because we have strategically made certain that your case is as strong as possible, leaving your opponent going from lawyer to lawyer looking for someone willing to fight an uphill battle.

Aggressively And Ethically Fighting For Our Clients

We have individually and collectively tried hundreds of cases. While we cannot and will not guarantee you victory, we do guarantee you have our utmost effort on your behalf. We believe in aggressive but ethical discovery through which we learn every strength and weakness of your case as well as your opponent’s. If settlement is advisable, we settle from a position of preparation and strength rather than ignorance and weakness. If settlement is unwarranted, then we proudly stand beside you in court and aggressively present your case to the judge or jury. 

Contact The Litigation Attorneys At Deeb Law Group, P.A.

If you need representation or guidance on legal disputes or litigation, the legal team at Deeb Law Group can put their skills, knowledge and experience to work for you. To schedule a consultation, call 727-384-5999 or fill out our online contact form.