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Although the main focus of Deeb Law Group, P.A.’s practice is devoted to commercial litigation issues, the firm is devoted to the practice of “Preventative Law.”

If there is one certainty in the notoriously uncertain world of lawsuits, it is that lawsuits are won and lost on the facts. Unfortunately, by the time most people hire a lawyer, the facts are already cast in stone and all the lawyer can do is work with the facts they are given. There is precious little opportunity to influence the outcome of a dispute except by arguing the nuances and semantics.

At Deeb Law Group, P.A., we are completely committed to the wisdom of practicing “preventative law.” By personalized, individual, one-on-one service, we are able to work with our clients to assist in establishing business practices that can prevent litigation and avoid costly legal expenses. Contracts are reviewed before they are signed. By streamlining paperwork and procedures, many disputes are resolved earlier rather than later. When this “preventative” practice is utilized, our clients are able to “cover all bases” BEFORE a problem escalates.

If litigation results, at least we have had the opportunity to ensure that your case will be viewed in its best possible light by the judge or jury responsible for deciding the case on its merits.

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